Piano Solo

Early Suite for Piano

This is a set of piano pieces written when I was 18-19 years old.  They are among the few early works that I still distribute.  Lullaby was published in the Northen Lights Grade 8 repertoire book. These pieces are suitable for intermediate pianists.

Suite Romantique

This advanced piano music was written at the close of my doctoral studies in Vancouver.  They show an advanced tonal style and requires an advanced piano technique.  Two of these pieces (Prelude and Toccatta) were premiered in concert by Elaine Keillor of Carleton University in Ottawa. 

Three Pieces for Piano

I wrote these as teaching pieces for young pianists.  Hymn won first prize in the teaching piece category of the Alberta Piano Teachers Association’s original composition competition in 2008 and was later published in the Northern Lights piano series, Grade 7.


Concerto for Celtic Harp and Strings

Commissioned in 2001 by Gordon Johnson for the Strings of St. John’s in Ottawa, the Concerto for Celtic Harp and Strings was premiered in April 2002 by Lucile Brais Hildesheim.  Lucile also performed it with a string quintet of players from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in May 2004 and at the national convention of the American Harp Society in New York city in 2012.

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