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The Jaw Harp is an ancient and world-wide folk instrument, played by pressing it against the lips, forming vowels with the mouth and plucking the central metal reed. The main sounds are Dee, Doi, Doh, Deeow and Doio. There is also a low result when you breathe in as you play.  The samples for this Kontakt instrument are in 24/48 format with 12 round robins (set to Random) for each of the 8 articulations.

A common companion to the Jaw Harp are Spoons. These are regular table spoons held back to back between the fingers of one hand and slapped between the lap and the other hand. This Kontakt instrument also has 12 round robins for each of the 4 articulations: up (hand), down (lap), ruff (across the spread out fingers) and cheek slap.

Audio Demo

Instrument Info


Jaw Harp –

White notes: Dee, Deeow, Doh, Doi, Doio

Black notes: Intake Deeow, Intake Doh, Intake Doio

Spoons – 

C# Down (lap), D# Up (hand), E Ruff, F Cheek Slap


All samples 24 bit/48 Khz

File size  7.5 Mb 

Requires NI Kontakt 5+ (Player or full version)

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