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Game Music and Audio 

In 1993 I began working at Artech Digital Entertainments in Ottawa and spent about eight years there creating audio and music for computer games on several platforms: PC, Sega Genesis, Play Station.  Later I worked at Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) in Montreal.  Game audio is a challenging field that requires a great deal of flexibility and creativity.  I present samples here from the 40+ published games I'm credited on (and some unpublished ones).  This work was a repertoire-expanding process and something I hope to continue with in the future.   NOTE:  While I created all this music, I don't control the copyright on any of the music from published games - that's owned by the publishers.  I include it here only for demo purposes. NOTE2: In August 2013 I founded a new music production studio with Jake Jones called Glebe Avenue Music.  Samples can be heard on our SoundCloud page.
Monopoly 2000
Intro Video  [mp4 - 5.3 MB]

Theme Song  [mp3 - 253 KB]
This is the intro video from the 2000 Artech version of Monopoly.  I wrote the music and lyrics and also performed the vocal on this clip.  The audio file is the full version of the song (which played over the credits at the end of the game).
Apocalypse Tribe
Trailer  [mp3 - 830 KB] 
This game never got beyond the proposal stage, but sometimes you do great work that never sees the light of day.  I've always liked the climax in this piece.  
Alien Abduction
Intro Video    [Windows Media - 7.1 MB] 
Exerpt: 7 Deadly Sins    [Windows Media - 4.2 MB]
Outro Video    [Windows Media - 3.9 MB]
Music Samples  [mp3 - 2.3 MB] 
Alien Abduction was an Artech proposal for a live-rendered TV show.  We made a demo episode to illustrate this game-show idea.  My wife's trio provided the vocals for the 7 Deadly Sins excerpt.  There was a great deal of music and audio composed for this project and I have also included some samples of background music.
Trailer    [Windows Media - 8.6 MB] 
Scaler was an in-house development of A2M for which I created sound effects such as those for these cut scenes, shown in mock-up form.  I also did music for the trailer shown here.  The finished game had the most beautiful graphics of any game I ever worked on.
Film music sample
Film Sample 1 [mp3 - 2.2 MB]
This is a short sample of film music in the style of "The Social Network". 
Intro Video    [Windows Media - 7.7 MB] 
Celtica was a puzzle game.  Here you hear an example of my voice-over talents, complete with Irish accent! 
Guess Who Detectives 
Theme     [mp3 - 669 KB]
Mystery 1    [Windows Media - 9.6 MB] 
Mystery 2    [Windows Media - 9.7 MB] 
Mystery 3    [Windows Media - 9.3 MB] 
The Guess Who Detectives was an adaptation of the board game, using rather elaborate plot scenarios.  Each Mystery uses the musical theme in a different way.  I have also included the full audio version of my original theme. 
Q*bert Intro and Outro
Video    [Windows Media - 9.6 MB] 
It was a treat working on the 3-D version of the classic arcade game, Q*bert.  It was especially challenging creating new Q*bert talk that sounded like the classic, but updated.
Stanley - Tiger Tales
Theme                  [mp3 - 686 KB]
Outro Video         [Windows Media - 1.5 MB] 
Music Samples    [mp3 - 1.2 MB]
Stanley is a cute little game for young children, based on the Disney series.  I have included some music and a video of the closing cut scene I made from stills taken from the game.  
Teen Titans
Intro Video    [mp4 - 4.6 MB]
First Cut Scene    [mp4 - 8.2 MB]
At A2M I made sound effects and music for a PS2 version of the popular Teen Titans animated series.  This is a mock-up of the opening cut scene, obviously paying musical hommage to Mission Impossible.  I like the effect in the first cut scene of the background music fading into a vintage video game version of the same piece.