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Solo Vocal Music

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Alma's Blessing (Soprano and Piano or Orchestra)
Originally written for piano and voice,  I created  this orchestra version of my setting of a passage from the Book of Mormon for this recording of Diana Walker and the Mormon Youth Symphony. 
Assuming God (Soprano and Piano)
This is a difficult (but hopefully rewarding) modern setting of a poem by my friend Jonathon Penny, written for no other reason than the poem fired my imagination.
Blessed Are the Pure In Heart (Soprano and Piano)
Originally a piano solo, I  adapted this music for soprano solo, basing the text on the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount (Matt.5:3-9).
Come Unto Him  (Soprano, piano)

This is an adaptation of a choral arrangement I did many years ago, with parts recomposed. The tune is the familiar folk song, O Waly Waly, or The Water Is Wide.
*Deep River (Vocal solo,  piano)
Score Bass solo 
This arrangement was originally for SATB and Bass solo. I adapted this piano/vocal arrangement from the choir arrangement.  Purchase
*I Know That My Redeemer Lives
               (Alto or Soprano Solo, piano)
This was written for my friend, Brenda Lonergan, to sing at an Easter service.  It was one of my father's favourite hymns.  Mine too.   Purchase
I have received a lot of interest in this arrangement and have subsequently provided several transpositions, as well as a duets and a women's trio.  It's easy enough for me to provide you with whatever key you would like.  Just send me an email.
*Jesus Christ the Apple Tree  (Soprano and Piano)
Score - SA Duet

This arrangement was adapted from my choral version at the request of my friend, Erin Guinup, whose recording is featured here.  The video of this performance can be seen here.  I also answered a request for a women's duet which is now available.  Purchase
Season Songs  (Soprano and Piano or Orchestra)
Season Songs is a song-cycle I wrote during my doctoral studies and eventually, in orchestral form, they became my thesis piece.  I accompanied Aviva Lachtermann in concert, but the orchestral version has yet to be performed.  This recording is made with sampled instruments played over a recording of Aviva and me.  The poems appealed to me because of their direct sensual images: the sights, sounds, smells and impressions of a moment in time.  The songs progress through the seasons and times of year. 
These Flowers  (Soprano and String Quartet)
These Flowers is a set written for the visiting Pendereki String Quartet during my year teaching at Bishop's University in Quebec.  The poet, Douglas Jones, taught literature in the area for many years and came to the premier (sung by Mireille Gagne, the recording of which I provide here).  Again, I love the sensual imagery and quiet spirit of these poems.
*Walden  (Soprano and Piano)

Walden was suggested by my friend Erin Guinup in the fall of 2015. She selected some excerpts from David Henry Thoreau's famous book and asked if I would create a song cycle for her. In accord with the main theme of the book, I tried to let my intuition have free reign as I composed, and avoided over-analysing the results. I let the text guide me, and if an inspiration struck, I followed and let it take me where it would. The recordings here are of the premiere in Seattle. The complete score is $20.
*Wexford Carol  (Soprano and piano)
In 2012 Erin Guinup emailed me after browsing this site and asked if I had an arrangement of the Wexford Carol.  After listening to her sing, I decided to write one for her!   Purchase