Mark Mitchell - Composer, Producer

Welcome to my home studio in Magrath, Alberta! I run a basic recording/editing/scoring studio using Cubase and Kontakt for recording and Finale for score production. Years working in the computer game industry and in professional media production studios have given me some good expertise in the recording arts that I’ve added to my background as a classical composer and pianist. You may find fancier studios with more high-end equipment, but what you won’t find elsewhere is me…

Listen to a few of my clients’ productions below, and you will discover a top-end composer who can help you professionally polish your songs, with recording facilities sufficient to make a great recording!

Dale came to me to work on this demo. We solidified the song form together and recorded him playing the guitar tracks. Then I filled out the arrangement, added backing vocals and lastly Dale recorded the final lead vocals.

Mandy came to the studio with lyrics and most of the tune in her head. We finished the songwriting together and I harmonized and arranged the song, creating a piano/vocal score at her request. She also asked for parts for violin and cello. She recorded in another studio using my arrangement.

Brittney is a talented young songwriter who wrote this song when she was 12. I had her play and sing it for me; then I took that basic demo and created an instrumental bed for her to sing over for the finished vocal mix.

Fees are based on hourly rates, but I work quickly: all these songs were in the $200-$300 range, including pre-production, arranging, recording and post-production. Contact me at MarkMitchellMusic at hotmail dot com or through my Facebook page

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