Piano Solo with orchestra

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Having played Einaudi’s Night in concert and enjoyed the effect, I decided to see if I could write something in that style. He dislikes categorizing his music, but it is minimalist, cinematic, introspective mood music. The solo piano is played over a finely produced, lush accompaniment track.

For five months I explored many new digital sounds and techniques and blended them with traditional orchestral instruments and textures creating a set of twelve unique tone poems that can be played live with the recorded accompaniments. The entire cycle is just over an hour long.

Read the Foreword and Notes from the printed book.

Circles - complete recording

High quality mp3 recordings of all 12 movements of Circles, ready for download to your music player. Approximate playing time, 70 minutes.

Commissioned in 2001 by Gordon Johnson for the Strings of St. John’s in Ottawa, the Concerto for Celtic Harp and Strings was premiered in April 2002 by Lucile Brais Hildesheim.  Lucile also performed it with a string quintet of players from the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in May 2004 and at the national convention of the American Harp Society in New York city in 2012.

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