And Now, After the Many Testimonies - Choir and Organ

If I had to pick a work that I would call my masterpiece, this would be a prime candidate. It is the finale of Part I of my oratorio for orchestra, choir and soloists using texts from D&C 76. The oratorio is entitled The Vision, as this revelation was commonly known in Joseph Smith’s day. This chorus sets the most well known passage of the section, and one of the most beloved of any in the entire Doctrine and Covenants. Here I have transcribed the orchestral accompaniment for organ.

God Is Our Song - SSATBB Choir, Viola and Organ

This anthem, a setting of the lovely text by Fred Pratt Green, was written as a commission for the choir of the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Ottawa in memory of a parishioner who had been a violist. The recording here is of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast in 1991.

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (Psalm 84) SATB

After writing my setting of the 100th Psalm, I wanted to do a more extended piece. Psalm 84 and it’s contemplation of the temple has long been a favourite of mine.

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Mitchell) SATB

This gentle anthem is a setting of the 23 Psalm I wrote as a graduate student. It won first place in the 1991 Church Music contest and got my picture in the Ensign!

Loving Spirit - Soprano, SSAATBB Choir, Oboe and Organ

My friend Dr. Gordon Johnston, choir master at St. John’s Anglican in Ottawa, received money from a parishioner to commission a new work including oboe. It was a privilege to work with this lovely text and to hear the fine musicians of St. John’s perform the finished anthem. The ending is a nod to my man Bruckner’s motet, Os Justi.

Make A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord (Psalm 100) SATB

While working on a musical with a client, Janos Zeller, we thought of an interesting method to create a liturgical sounding chant. I used one of the folk-like melodies as the scaffold for a chant and then set it for SATB. The result was so charming, I decided to fit it to the 100th Psalm for general use.

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