Vocal Solos, Duets

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief - Tenor, Piano

My father was an excellent tenor soloist and back in 1984 I arranged this well known hymn for us to perform together. My article on the background of the hymn can be found on my blog. I have made some revisions over the years, but this is mostly the same music we first performed. 

Alma's Blessing - Soprano, Piano

This is a setting of a passage from the Book of Mormon, Alma 37:35-37. I later orchestrated the song at the request of my friend Dianna Walker for a CD she recorded with the Mormon Youth Symphony. This is the recording presented here.

Come, Come, Ye Saints - Baritone, Piano

A welcome suggestion from my good friend and fine baritone Greg Johnson, I decided to open this arrangement with the original tune from the Sacred Harp of 1844. Clayton’s wonderful text surely began as a paraphrase of  “All Is Well” from that collection. The English folk song usually credited as the source of this tune bears such a tenuous resemblance to only the middle few bars that I’m sceptical of the attribution. I’m going to say that J.T. White actually wrote it.

Come Unto Him - Soprano, Piano

This is an adaptation of a choral arrangement I did in 2010, with parts recomposed. The tune is the familiar folk song, O Waly Waly, or The Water Is Wide. Contact me for more keys.

Did You Think To Pray?

Also known by it’s first line, Ere You Left Your Room This Morning, the message of this hymn is simple yet profound – as most gospel principles are. Read the story of this hymn in my blog.

For the Beauty of the Earth

This arrangement was written for a beginner vocalist, with only a few simple changes at the end of the last verse. The piano part gives nice variety and expression to the music.

The Gate of Heaven

This lovely art song is a setting of a passage from the Book of Mormon, “And the keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel; and he employeth no servant there.” 2 Ne. 9:42-43

How Can I Keep From Singing?

I added two new verses to this famous hymn. The result is very personal and moving – especially for singers!

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

This was written for my friend, alto Brenda Lonergan, to sing at an Easter service.  It was one of my father’s favourite hymns.  Mine too. I have received a lot of interest in this arrangement and have subsequently provided several transpositions, as well as duet, trio and quartet versions for several voice types and instrumental soloists.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives - easy Soprano, Flute and Piano

I was asked to create a simplified arrangement for soprano solo and flute. This arrangement uses the hymnbook setting for the piano until the last verse, which borrows elements from the more elaborate arrangement.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Antioch)

A favourite from the Sacred Harp, this is a different tune than the one in the LDS hymnbook: minor, plaintive and folksy. It has been enthusiastically received by our local church community.

Jesus, What A Friend for Sinners

This is a hymn text common in many Protestant denominations, sung to the tune Hyfrydol, which Latter-day Saints sing as the sacrament hymn, “In Humility Our Savior”. I have altered the text somewhat and added a new verse. This arrangement was written for my wife’s lovely Alto voice, but I can easily provide alternate keys for higher voices. 

Last Words of Moroni - Soprano, Piano

Written originally as an Alto solo for my wife, this art song is based on the closing verses of the Book of Mormon. Not repertoire for the novice, you will need an excellent pianst.

Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning - Soprano, Piano

This arrangement of “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” was adapted from the choir arrangement, with completely re-written accompaniment and free treatment of the melody in the first two verses. This adaptation was done 29 years after the original arrangement and so illustrates both the evolution of my style and the affection I still have for that early arrangement.

More Holiness Give Me

This arrangement was adapted from the choral version. The accompaniment is inspired by the famous Rachmaninoff Prelude in D. The interesting background of this beautiful hymn can be found in my blog.

Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer - Soprano, Piano

This arrangement features references to the well-known hymn Donna Nobis Pacem, and the tune Nettleton (Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing). Donna Nobis Pacem reflects the last phrase: “Grant us, dear Savior, everlasting peace.” Of course, these may be sung by male voices in their appropriate ranges.

Redeeming Love - Soprano, Piano

After hearing a returning missionary speak of her love for Alma chapter 5, I decided to create an original sacred song, words and music, using Alma’s questions as the touchstone. As I worked the idea of this being a reflection on Alma’s experiences took shape. Those familiar with the Book of Mormon will recognize the allusions to Alma’s conversion and his mission to Ammonihah, but these experiences illustrate universal feelings we all experience through our lives. (Note that this demo recording does not include the repeat for the 2nd verse.)

Secret Prayer - Soprano, Piano

This arrangement puts the melody in the piano for much of the time, while the voice sings a counter-melody. I like the simple, folksy, yet profound messages of these 19th century sacred songs. 

Sweet Hour of Prayer - Soprano, Piano

A lovely setting of this favourite with some unusual harmonies.

Wexford Carol - Soprano, Piano

This beautiful Christmas carol originated in Ireland. My arrangement is also available for SATB choir on the Christmas page.

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